14 November 2020 Online Classes



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9 November 2020

Dear Virtual Yorkville Nutcrackers!
It has already been an amazing Virtual Yorkville Nutcracker! The Party went off without a hitch. The Gingerbreads came out perfect, with just the right blend of sweet and spicy. Dolls were magical and beautiful.  Angels were pure and, well… Angelic! And we Battled with Mice, and have had Flowers Waltzing us to glory!


But This Is The BIG WEEK! Our Climax! 


That’s right, the Sugarplum Fairy is ready to take the stage! 


Join Abi Stafford in this once in a lifetime opportunity. This year YOU can BE the SUGARPLUM FAIRY! This may never come again. Join Abi Stafford as she teaches a class dedicated to the fun, beauty, artistry, and wonder of Sugarplum. 


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Every class you join contributes to our goal of raising $50,000 toward bringing The Yorkville Nutcracker back to the stage in 2021! We have thus far raised $25,000! Thanks for your continued support!  In dance.

Francis Patrelle

About Dances Patrelle Online Classes:

Dances Patrelle is committed to providing affordable online arts programming to the community during COVID-19. We encourage students of all abilities and experience levels to exercise their creativity and stay connected to the arts community through our classes. If you have questions please contact Justin at director@dancespatrelle.org

*If anyone is concerned about the costs, please just let us know by emailing director@dancespatrelle.org. We want this to be fun, not stressful!

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Sugarplum Fairy with Abi Stafford

PART TWO: SAT 14 Nov, 4:30 PM — 5:30 PM EST

$18* per Online Class

Please join Abi Stafford — New York City Ballet Principal — for a special Yorkville Nutcracker class. Ms. Stafford will teach the dancers sections of the Sugar Plum Fairy choreography.

(All are welcome!!) ​

*A parent seeking to waive the payment of class fees during the COVID-19 crisis please email Justin


Battle Scene Soldiers with Justin Allen

PART TWO: SAT 14 Nov, 6:00 PM — 7:00 PM EST

$18* per Online Class

Please join Justin Allen for a special Yorkville Nutcracker class. Mr. Allen will teach the dancers sections of Soldiers' choreography.

(All are welcome!!) ​

*A parent seeking to waive the payment of class fees during the COVID-19 crisis please email Justin


Dances Patrelle Presents


Video: © 2019  Dances Patrelle | Artistic Director & Choreographer: Francis Patrelle  Resident Set Designer: Gillian Bradshaw-Smith  Resident Costume Designer: Rita B. Watson  Resident Lighting Designer: David Grill  Lighting Director Ben Travis  Production Stage Manager: Hannah Mitchell  Company Manager: Justin Allen  Production Coordinator: Anne Kelly  Rehearsal Director: Ilona Wall  Music: Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky  Videographer: Geoffrey Jones | The Danny Kaye Playhouse Sunday 15 December 2019 at 5:00 PM.

Photos:  ©  Eduardo PATINO.NYC |  ©  Pearchutekids.com |  © Rosalie O'Connor Photography | © Julieta Cervantes for The New York Times  |  ©  KentGBeck

Legal Disclaimer: By using our virtual class zoom codes, you acknowledge that participation in The Virtual Yorkville Nutcracker involves both physical and mental fitness, and further acknowledge that participation involves certain risks that include, but are not limited to, physical and emotional injury, death, pain, suffering, illness, temporary or permanent disability, and economic loss. You acknowledge and understand that these risks may arise from your own actions or omissions or the actions or omissions of others. You are voluntarily participating and do so at your own risk and assume all related risks, both known and unknown.