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Meet the Dancer Kurt Grimaldi

Kurt is being featured in this, the 23rd edition of The Yorkville Nutcracker, in the role of Yellowstone Kelly, and as the Spanish and Russian Leads during the divertissement.  


dP - Kurt, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Kurt - I began my ballet training two years ago, at the Oakville school of classical ballet. After spending a year there, I auditioned for Ballet Academy East in New York City. I attended last year on full scholarship and have come back for another great year. This will be my second season as a part of Dances Patrelle's The Yorkville Nutcracker.

dPYou recently received the David Howard scholarship. Congrats! Can you tell us more about the scholarship? 

Kurt - The David Howard Foundation was created by the late David Howard, one of the best-loved and most innovative dance teachers in the world. The Foundation supports and sustains the teaching and performance of the art of ballet and will support me in my training at BAE and in my career. I feel extremely thankful to have received this scholarship.

dPHow has being a part of The Yorkville Nutcracker helped you develop as a dancer? 

Kurt - Being a part of The Yorkville Nutcracker has helped me develop as a dancer in many ways.  Having to learn many different roles, such as lead Russian, Spanish, and Yellowstone Kelly has helped me learn how to express myself in different ways and has given me great stage experience.

dP - What is one of your favorite DP memories, and what are you looking forward to most this season? 

Kurt - One of my favorite memories of dancing for dP was performing the role Of Yellowstone Kelly. The role was both fun and challenging at the same time. I thought it was so cool to try and portray this character! Also, working with Francis Patrelle is always so fulfilling I feel like I have learned a lot from him.


Photo © 2017 Courtesy of Ballet Academy East   |   Photo © 2017  Eduardo PATINO.NYC

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