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Known for attracting the great talent of each generation.

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Dances Patrelle‘s mission is to nurture and celebrate dramatic ballet. From those who want to learn – to those who are at the pinnacle of their careers and never want to stop – and for those who want to watch and experience excellence, artistry, and joy – Dances Patrelle exists to serve and celebrate them all.

Photo © 2018 Christopher Duggan  |  Courtesy of Ballet Academy East 

Celebrating Dramatic Dance For Over 30 Years

From its inception in 1988, Dances Patrelle's mission has been to bring dramatic ballet to the stage, striving to address all elements of the human condition, and by doing so, making ballet accessible to a wider audience. 

In addition, Dances Patrelle has performed The Yorkville Nutcracker every holiday season for the past 25-years, which has become a staple in NYC.

Francis Patrelle's body of work includes over 50 original ballets choreographed for Dances Patrelle and spans an incredibly wide range of styles, from his beloved American Songbook collection to such contemporary classics as Romeo and Juliet, Madame X, Macbeth and Rhapsody in Blue.  Heralded by Lynn Garafola in Dance Magazine as a choreographer with “a personal vision…classical because it is rooted in metaphor and symbolic language [and] populist because of its legibility and broad cultural resonance,” Patrelle has also cultivated a long-time collaboration with composer Patrick Soluri, commissioning four original scores including 2009’s Murder at the Masque.

In Francis Patrelle’s ballets, the characters come alive.

His choreography is full of heart and soul.

Cynthia Gregory, Prima Ballerina

Known for attracting the great talent of each generation, Dances Patrelle is pleased to count ballet stars Marcelo Gomes, Maria Riccetto, Donald Williams, Lourdes Lopez, Jock Soto, Abi Stafford, Ask la Cour, Merrill Ashley, and prima ballerina Cynthia Gregory among its past and present dancers.  


For 30 years, Dances Patrelle has tapped into the human experience, connecting intimately with the audience and continuously reinventing dramatic dance.

Cast:  The American Dream: It’s Only Business (2019): Therese Wendler, Enrique Brown, Shoshana Rosenfeld, Lavinia Russo, Stella MacDonald, Charlotte Budzinsky  | 

Madame X (2019): NYC Ballet Principals Ask la Cour, Abi Stafford  |  

American Overture (2019): Twyla Tharp Company's Reed Tankersley  |

Macbeth: Mary Beth Hansohn (2016),  Martin Harvey, Nancy Cantine, Heather Hawk, Claire Mazza  |

Romeo and Juliet, A Dazzling 25th Anniversary Performance (2014): Juliet - Chloé Sherman, Romeo - Alex Castillo, Mercutio - Matthew Dibble, Benvolio - Josh Christopher, Tybalt - Grant Dettling, Nurse - Julie Voshell, Lady Capulet - Heather Hawk, Lord Capulet - John Mark Owen, Rosaline - Amy Brandt & Therese Wendler

Romeo and Juliet (1993): Juliet -Mary Barton, Romeo - Douglas Martin, Mercutio - Fabrice Herrault, Tybalt - Robert Conn, Nurse - Darla Hoover, Lady Capulet - Leda Meredith, Lord Capulet - TBC, Rosaline - TBC

Gilbert and Sullivan: The Ballet (2013): Jesse Marks, Alexander Brady, Julie Voshell, Amy Brandt, Therese Wendler, John-Mark Owen, Justin Allen. With Music Director Warren Helms, Set Designer Gillian Bradshaw Smith, Costume Designer Rita B. Watson, Lighting Designer David Grill, and co-creation of the original story by award-winning novelist Justin Allen.

Photos:  © Christopher Duggan Photography  |  © Courtesy of Ballet Academy East  |  © Rosalie O'Connor Photography  | © Eduardo PATINO.NYC  | 

© Eugene Yates Photography |  © Christopher Gagliardi Photography

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